Friday, August 29, 2008

Pictures With an Olympian!

Grandpa & Grandma Kaiser came up this afternoon to watch the little man while Alex and I went to watch Gordon Keith (of Sports Radio 1310 - The Ticket and WFAA's "The Gordon Keith Show") interview gold medalist, Nastia Lukin. There was a small group of us in the studio so we all had the chance to meet her, get pictures with her and she signed autographs for a while too. She is so tiny! Her legs look long on television but she is only 5'2" and absolutely adorable.

Gordon also interviewed DB Sweeny who played the baseball player, 'Shoeless' Joe Jackson, in Eight Men Out. He was also in The Cutting Edge, where he was a hockey player turned ice skater - very good flick. He was so cool and personable. He sat around and talked to us before and after the taping, took pictures and signed autographs as well.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Puppies are HILARIOUS!

Alex and I were getting Brooks' bath ready tonight and of course Nash and Nellie were in his room helping. The pups got a little excited and started playing. Brooks thought it was hilarious! He was laughing and screaming pretty loud. We waited a while to get the camera, thinking we would miss something, but Alex went to get it and he was still going. He had us laughing pretty hard. Gosh he is so darn cute!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Silly With Mommy!

We just took some silly pictures of us this morning. He isn't much for being held or cuddled so he was struggling to get away of course. I also threw in a picture of him at his new favorite place...the fridge! Like mommy, like son!

Hot Rod!

Brooks has become a hot rod on his walker! He goes to get it all the time and just darts though the house - until he hits a wall! He hasn't quite figured out that part yet. Also you will notice that he runs over anything in his way, including the pups...poor Nash and Nellie!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Tigger Robe

We bought a Tigger robe for Brooks before he was born and we finally put him in it - oh my goodness he looked so cute! Good idea daddy!

Chuck E Cheese!

Brooks' cousin Madison had her 5th birthday party at Chuck E Cheese on Sunday and of course we went to help her celebrate. It was Brooks' first time and it was a bit overwhelming and he got major stimulation overload; however, I think he had a very fun time! We rode on the kiddie rides, Grandma Kaiser stood him on the stage and he watched the animals play their instruments and grandpa Kaiser took him to see the Chuck E Cheese mouse sing happy birthday. We had a little lunch - no he did not have pizza - we stuck with turkey, cheese slices and some cantaloupe. He was tuckered out after three hours of loud and crazy kids running around and he slept the entire way home. What a fun day!

Making Bubbles

Brooks, Aunt Heather and I went swimming at Nana & Poppy's house last weekend like we always do. Brooks used his new floating skills when he fell of the step. I let him fall and he immediately rolled onto his back to float! It only took one time and then he would feel for the edge with his foot every time there after. He is a genius! :-)

He also perfected a new skill - blowing bubbles in the water. We had fun making bubble noises together!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

First Steps!!!

Well, of course we couldn't get to the camera in time to get him on video because we were all sitting in surprise and amazement when Brooks took his first steps this past Friday! Alex, my mom, sister, Alex's brother and me were all sitting in the living room playing with Brooks when all of a sudden he just walked from my sister to me. We were not expecting it or trying to get him to walk - he just did it! So, he did it about two more times and by the time we got the video camera he had decided that he had enough - go figure! We knew he would be an early walker and now the exhaustion of chasing him around just gets more exhausting!!!!

Pictures and video to come when we can get our butts up in time to get them!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Can Float...YEAH!

Brooks had his last 'learning' day at ISR, infant swim resource (survival swim class). He has been taking classes everyday, Monday - Friday for the last six weeks and he is finally graduating. Mom is happy to not have to drive to Dallas everyday!

So, yesterday he did his lesson in summer clothes; however, today he was in three layers of winter clothes on top, a pair of jeans, socks, shoes and a hat. Most of the time when a child falls in and drowns he / she is not in a swimsuit; therefore, they need to learn how to float in any weather. It took a couple of minutes to get used to the heavy clothing but he did an awesome job. Tomorrow is our last day. I will get in the water with Brooks and the instructor to learn how to keep up the skills he has learned. We will practice the rollback float first thing when we get in any pool and it will be the last thing we do before we get out.

She has been using a leaf during lessons to place over his face to teach him how to move it if he is floating. Today she used his hat and this was a bit harder. He wouldn't use his hands to move it so he kept dunking his head under water hoping it would float away. He finally figured it out before the lesson ended.

When she submerges him under water, she is simulated a fall both feet first and head first. Kids have 14 seconds of under water submersion before it can cause them to drown, but in ISR they teach them to float to the top within 7 seconds. This way they have 7 seconds additional if they need it.

It is really amazing how much Brooks has learned in this class. Some find it hard to watch. I, however, find it incredible that a child this young can learn how to survive a fall into deep or shallow water. Yes, he cried and didn't like it but he still loves the water when I take him in the pool and I feel much more comfortable about both my parents and my in-laws having a pool. I think every parent should look into this type of class for their child. It only takes a split second and a few inches of water or mud for a child to drown. If you are interested in seeing if there is an ISR instructor in your area, you can log onto


Love That Smile

I just love this smile. Nothing makes me happier than my little boy's smile and laughter.

The Next Mozart

So, a long time ago we posted a video of Brooks 'playing the piano.' When in actuality it was Alex holding him up and the player playing the music. We now play the piano regularly and Brooks loves to sit on our laps and pound on the keys. It is really fun for him. The other day I was on the computer and heard the piano playing and when I looked over, he was standing at the piano pounding away on the keys. The next Mozart???

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hangin' By the Pool

Brooks loves the water. We go to my parents house almost every Saturday to try and beat the heat. He finishes up his survival swim class this Friday and then we will be able to start practicing his float at home.

My parents got him this cute little table and chair so we thought it would be cute to take a picture by the pool. He likes to sit in it, but he likes to stand a the table and dump it over more than sitting!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Smelling the Flowers

My mother-in-law bought my favorite flowers, Star Gazer Lilies, after I broke my hand. They smell so wonderful! My mom came over to watch Brooks last week and they were smelling the flowers. Brooks thought it was quite hilarious. It is so amusing what kids find so funny!

My New Scooter

Brooks loves his new walker so much; however, I introduced him to this fun little scooter and it has become his new favorite toy. Thanks to Jeff and Susan Goldberg, old friends (practically family) of the McGee's, we now have this fun scooter that Brooks not only loves to ride but pushing it around the house is where it is at! Brooks is getting much faster at his walking skills. He has trouble turning the darn thing, but hey, it is big and heavy :-) So, sometimes he pushes it around the entire house and other times he likes to hop on and get pushed. It is really cute. He is also starting to stand on his own! Watch out world, when Brooks starts walking (which isn't far off) we are all in for a treat!!!