Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Playing on Poppy's Head

I had to post this video because it just cracks me up. We were at my parents house last Sunday and Brooks decided to use Poppy as a jungle gym. He was climbing all over him and then ended up doing this on his head - LOL!

Monday, April 13, 2009

All boy!

The first time I realized the Brooks was ALL boy was when I saw him get down on all fours and push his cars around his playroom. He was climbing up onto and into everything at this point and acting crazy like a boy, but pushing cars around and making car noises is a boy thing and I just thought it was so awesome.

Now that Brooks is bigger, he is really into cars and trucks. He likes to load up his truck with everything from balls to rocks to books and then dump it anywhere he can. He also enjoys ramming his truck really hard into the garage, stair gates and walls in the house. He is ALL BOY!

Morning Cheerios

After Brooks has his own breakfast, he and daddy share Cheerios each morning. It is really cute so I had to share :-)

What a BIG boy!

Brooks is becoming really good at feeding himself with a fork and spoon. He is very independent now and likes to eat his morning snack, applesauce, all by himself!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I feel so badly that most of my posts are about Brooks so I am going to post a few new pictures of Colt. I look at these pictures and it doesn't really look like him though. He looks so much different in person. He is definitely a Kaiser and I think we all agree that he looks like Alex's dad.

Anyway, we are having a great time with this little one now. My aunt and uncle have already made a trip out to visit and had a chance to spend some quality time with him. He is smiling all the time (although he is very camera shy) and talks up a storm! He is such a sweet little kid, and maybe, hopefully, a little more mellow and laid back than his older brother!!!

Growing up too quickly!

I can't believe Brooks is already 18 months old and Colt is 2 1/2 months old! Time is flying by even faster now that we have two kids :-(

We took Colt in for his 2 month check up a couple of weeks ago and he is growing like a weed.

Weight: 10 lbs 14 oz (30%)

Height: 24" (80%)

Head: 15.5" (50%)

He is a strong little boy. He rolled over from his belly to his back at 6 weeks...YIKES! We can't leave him unattended on the bed anymore unless he is surrounded by pillows. He is really good on his belly. He is actually a belly sleeper although I have started swaddling him again at night.


Brooks went in for his 18 month check up last week and everything checked out great. He doesn't have any more shots until his is 4 years old...YIPEE!

Weight: 21 lbs 14 oz (5%)

Height: 33.5" (90%)

Head: 18.75" (50%)

He is still way ahead of his age in his motor skills (which is why we are so exhausted) but is just normal regarding his verbal skills. He has a handful of words and he makes all the animal noises; however, he is too busy climbing everything and getting into everything to learn new vocabulary. I guess that will come in time :-)

Do we look alike???

My uncle came into town to visit about a month ago and brought a picture of my mom and me when I was 17 months old. I couldn't believe how much it looked like Brooks and me. So, I thought I would post two pictures and let everyone else decide. Brooks is the same age as I was in this picture.

Do we look alike??? I would have to say...YES!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


We took Brooks and Colt to their first Easter egg hunt at The Owens Farm in Richardson last weekend. Of course Colt slept most of the time, except for the cute picture in the basket, but Brooks ran around like a madman and had a great time. He could have cared less about the egg hunt but he loved the animals! He always has fun at petting zoos and this one was no different.

Poppy took Brooks on the hayride and daddy took him on the train. It took a lot of coaxing to get him on the train but once he did it he kept wanting to get back on and actually drive!

We introduced him to the Easter Bunny but he wasn't real thrilled with him either. He just stared at him; however, he did eventually give him a high five and a kiss on the cheek.

I guess the excitement to hunt eggs comes when they get a little older than 18 months!