Friday, January 15, 2010

Quirky Child

Brooks can be such a funny kid! Sometimes he likes to wear his helmet at meal time but in the car with mommy - come on! I am not that bad a driver! He also has found a new love for my fuzzy bedtime socks which he wears as boots - HA! Gotta love the quirkiness!

Lovin' the Cold Weather

The poor boys (and mommy) had been cooped up way too long due to ice on the patio. It was GREAT to finally get out and play in the backyard if only for an hour or so! The cold didn't bother the boys at all.


Over the past couple of months, Colt has become busier which means he is even more into EVERYTHING! He has always been busy, busier than Brooks actually, which is saying A LOT! He could care less about television or movies. All he wants to do is climb, pull things off shelves and explore with his brother which makes for a very busy and tired mommy and daddy. Although they wear us out, we wouldn't have it any other way!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Stay at Nana & Poppy's House

While we went away to the cabin with Brooks and the pups, Colt split time between my mother-in-law coming to our home and Colt staying with my parents. It looks like he had a great time while we were all away! He got to shop at the Highland Village Center and see the HUGE Christmas tree, Nana bought him his first pair of walking shoes at Stride Rite and he had lots of play time at the house.

Cabin Trip

Alex and I decided to take a trip to the cabin the weekend after the marathon for some outdoor time and R&R. Colt split time between grandparents and we took Brooks and the pups with us.

We spent a long weekend playing outside on the hiking trails and exploring much of the land around our cabin. "Hiking" and exploring with a 2-year-old is much different than regular hiking. It was fun to see the experience through the eyes of a two-year-old. Brooks and the pups just ran around like crazy enjoying playtime without boundaries! Brooks picked up every rock and stick before throwing them in the water. He even found a couple of hiking sticks to help him up those big climbs. Everything was new to him which made it even more fun for Alex and me.

We had breakfast at the same little restaurant, Stevens Gap, everyday. They have THE best pancakes I have ever eaten and that is what Brooks wanted every morning. He showed off his chair dancing and "Itsy Bitsy Spider" singing skills each morning which caught the eye of every patron in there. We also ate Mexican Food for dinner every night b/c Brooks loved to play with the dancing Santa Claus at the restaurant (not to mention that he LOVES chips and salsa too!).

Other than playing around outside, we spent some time watching movies in the cabin, reading and fixin' things that needed a little fixin'. Brooks likes to help daddy with his handy work :-)

When it was time to go, Brooks was a little sad and kept saying, "mommy, cabin." I am sure we'll head back out there soon so we can all get our fix of the great outdoors!