Sunday, May 2, 2010

Singing the ABC's

Brooks learned his ABC's a couple of months ago and just started singing it out of the blue one day. He likes to sing with Leap (the frog) but many times he just sings it on his own. Unfortunately, I never seem to have the camera when he starts singing by himself so this is as good as it gets for now.

I guess all those times we played or sang the alphabet song really paid off!

Baseball Player?

Now that we have Brooks swinging the bat correctly and hitting the ball too (he can even hit a pitched ball), I think it is time we teach Colt! He has found his new favorite toy but he will not let Alex show him the correct way to hold the bat. The funny thing is, he usually holds the bat with one hand and slightly under one arm, and he hits the ball right off the tee without hitting the tee! It is pretty hilarious and he gets really excited.

Brooks' School Bike Parade

Brooks' school blocked off the parking lot and turned it into a 'parade route' for the kids and their decorated bikes/scooters. It was more of a 'bring your bike or scooter to school and ride around for an hour' fun day! We decorated Brooks' tricycle with blue, red and yellow curly ribbon and a HUGE Spiderman balloon. He loved it! It was actually VERY cute and the kids had a blast. They had a 'car wash' station set up where the staff sprayed the kids with water as they went through. One of the teachers dressed up as a police woman directing traffic. They provided sidewalk chalk for the kids and kid spectators and they also served popcorn and lemonade.

Colt enjoyed watching the kids and doing sidewalk chalk in the parking lot. I am sure he would rather have been riding around though! Brooks' best buddy, Lane, was there too!