Monday, March 8, 2010

Thomas the Train

A "Day Out with Thomas the Train" came to Grapevine, TX and of course we couldn't miss that! They turned the train that goes from Grapevine to Fort Worth into Thomas and took us on a short 20 minute ride. The kids LOVED it - especially Brooks who is totally into trains right now.

Not only was there a train ride, but they had a complete set up in Grapevine including a huge tent with LOTS of train tables and sets put together for the kids to play with, a Thomas jump house, an awesome train display for the kids to watch, a petting zoo, story time and a music show.

We went in the petting zoo twice and both boys went crazy, especially Colt who had never been to a petting zoo before. They chased those poor animals around and Colt was screaming with excitement as he chased the little chickens around the pen. It was pretty darn hilarious!

The boys also enjoyed the music guy as he let them join in the fun by playing their own tambourines, bongo drums and maracas. They were dancing and singing and Brooks even jumped in to join the conga line. What a trip!

Beautiful Day at the Park

We had a beautiful day last week where the temp hit 70 degrees and the sun was shining. We went for some frozen yogurt after school and spent a few hours at the park running around with friends from the MOMs Club. What an awesome day!

Snow Days in Texas!

Wow! We had some great snow here in Texas this winter even if it was only a couple of days. We bundled the boys up and headed outside for some snowman making, snow angels and good 'ole fashion snowball fights. Colt wasn't too fond of the snow actually. He was pretty chilly and still not real steady on his feet so walking in the snow posed a little problem. However, he eventually warmed up to it (somewhat) and didn't cry too much. Brooks LOVED the snow and ran around in it for hours. We changed his pants, socks, shoes and gloves MANY times b/c they were so cold and wet.

Alex took the time to make an awesome igloo while Brooks was at school! It was large enough to fit both he and Nash. We filled up a water bottle and put blue coloring in it so Brooks could spray it blue. It was pretty darn cool! Alex and our high school neighbor, Conner, took Brooks sledding one day too. What a great couple of days playing in the snow!