Thursday, October 29, 2009

Go Buffs!

Ok, I know my Colorado Buffaloes are having a rough and pathetic year; however, I am a devout fan and my boys are gonna grow up loving them too!

Costume Party

A little girl in our playgroup had her 2nd birthday last week so her mom turned our playgroup into a costume/birthday party for Sara. All the kiddos dressed up and trick or treated from room to room in her house. They all looked adorable and had a great time. I still can't believe that both my kids wore their hats for almost the entire party - they HATE hats!


So, we finally got Brooks to agree to take a bath with Colt. For the last month we have been trying to get him to share his bath and he refused; so, instead of causing injury in the tub we just decided to wait. Now, Brooks LOVES bathing with his little brother. They splash each other, play together and there is always lots of laughing. However, Brooks thinks he is the mom sometimes and decided to tell Colt to 'play nice!' Very funny....(watch until the end)....

Sink Bath

Last week was rough. Brooks was sick with the stomach flu for 3 days, and a day later, Colt came down with it for the next 4 days. Stomach flu is always fun - lots of puke and diarrhea! Colt decided to puke all over himself and me so we just threw him in the sink and washed him down. He thought it was great! He played with the water coming out of the faucet most of the time.

New Pumpkins

Now that Brooks is 2, he is excited about pumpkins and the Halloween decorations this year. He wanted his own pumpkin so badly so we took him to pick out a pumpkin for he and Colt. He could have picked any pumpkin he wanted but he went straight to the little pumpkins that he was able to pick up and he put his in his own little shopping cart.

Once we got home, we let the boys sit on the front porch and play with their new pumpkins.

A few days after the boys got their pumpkins, we took them to a little pumpkin patch here in Coppell. Brooks went to a BIG patch last year and had a ball. This was Colt's first time and he had so much fun. Colt spent most of his time crawling through the pumpkins and playing with them. Brooks spent his time pulling a wagon through the patch and playing on the church playground.

We thought it would be fun to show Brooks how to carve a pumpkin. He likes to get dirty so we assumed he would enjoy sticking his hands in and pulling out all the insides. Much to our surprise, he really didn't care much about it and all Colt wanted to do was eat the seeds! So, Alex spent a good hour and a half with a kit, carving a couple of very cool pumpkins.


We took the boys to Coppell's Oakfest a few weeks ago when my mother-in-law and her sister were staying with us. It was a beautiful day for a festival and the boys had a great time. Brooks is really into trains right now so the boys rode on the train around the park. They both loved it! Alex took Brooks to the jump house and he jumped for close to an hour - that boy has energy! We watched a magic show and cruised the booths as well. Unfortunately we had to leave before the band started b/c it was way past the kids bed time.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tucker's Visit

We had some very special friends come visit us from San Francisco a few weeks ago. Laura, one of my closest friends since the age of 5, her 21 month old son, Tucker and Laura's mom, Gigi Jeanne. They spent a long weekend with us and we had a great time!

The boys spent lots of time playing outside enjoying the cool air and mud on the ground! They even had a little lunch date on the outside picnic table.

We all took a trip to Grapevine Mills Mall to do a little shopping, ride the merry-go-round and have lunch at The Rainforest Cafe. Poor little Tucker has never seen a mall or anything like Rainforest Cafe since they don't frequent these types of places living outside of San Fran! His eyes were pretty big :-)

Susan Horneik, a long time friend of ours, hosted a little get together so everyone could see Laura and Jeanne and meet Tucker. The kids had a great time running around the house and playing with one another while the adults had themselves a little chat. Brooks took a fondness to the big bear rug in the den!

Laura and I needed a little break to do some shopping and other things we don't have time to get done, so Nana and Gigi offered to watch the boys for a few hours - YAY! They took them on a walk from my mom's house to the shopping center behind her home. They played in the fountains and spent lots of time in Barnes and Noble reading books and playing with the train set. Laura and I met them over there after a while and unfortunately had to watch the boys cry and we pulled them away from the trains and told them it was time to leave. Mommies are just not as much fun as Nana and Gigi!!!

After a fun-filled weekend it was so sad to see our friends leave. The boys got along wonderfully and mom and I had a great time catching up with our friends. I wish so badly they lived closer so we could spend more time together and so our boys could grow up as close as we did. We are looking at planning a trip out to Cali by next summer - what fun!!!!