Thursday, October 30, 2008

Brooks' One Year Photos

We had Brooks' one year photos about two weeks ago and this time we included the entire family. We spent about two hours shooting pictures of Brooks, everyone with Brooks and then the entire family together. It got a little hairy by the end of the session as little man was quite tired, antsy and ready to be done. We didn't get a great shot of the entire Kaiser/McGee clan but we did capture some great moments. 

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Finally the Cowboys win a game!  It must have been Brooks dressed in his new Cowboys gear...

A Busy Weekend!

My Uncle Skip flew in on Saturday morning from Tampa, FL to surprise my mom. The Cowboys and the Tampa Bay Bucs had a game to play on Sunday and my uncle really wanted to watch it with my mom (mostly so he could harass her!). Well she was definitely surprised when I asked her to grab Brooks' shoes out of his closet and out popped my uncle yelling, 'GO BUCS!' As we all know, he wasn't able to harass her for too long! GO COWBOYS!

My mom, Heather, my uncle and I all took Brooks to Northpark Mall for their Halloween Spooktacular on Saturday afternoon. It wasn't quite the extravaganza I thought it was going to be; however, Brooks had a good time and that is all that matters. We had lunch, he looked at and touched all the pumpkins and Halloween decorations, he gave kisses to some of the pumpkins, he had a balloon animal made especially for him and his favorite of all...he rode the escalator up and down about 10 times! He was pretty worn out on the trip home.

We had a great weekend full of activities. Alex took of on Saturday for his homecoming at University of North Texas. He and some of the guys were getting together to do whatever it is they do...drink of course :-) He was gone for the day and night. GO MEAN GREEN!

Later that day, my Aunt Jackie flew into town from Baltimore for a McGee family reunion. My father has found all sorts of cousins and other family, including my Aunt Jackie (my dad's half sister), over the last few years while doing his genealogy research. We have been friends with Jackie for a few years now, but they decided to get some of their cousins together to talk and research their family a bit more. So, Saturday night we had a little McGee family get together - it was a hoot!

My parent's neighbors put a little Halloween scene in front of their house so we took Brooks over there for some picture op's. He had a blast playing with the scarecrow and the little yard pumpkins. I think this kid likes Halloween!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Little Lion at Little Gym

Alex and I took Brooks to The Little Gym Halloween party tonight. We just can't get enough of him in his Halloween costume. He looks so adorable and he really hams it up in that thing. Most of the games were meant for older kids; however, Brooks took part in all of them! He threw the toilet paper roll throw the ring, knocked down bowling pins with a pumpkin and even threw big spider bean bags through the holes. He also went fishing to earn some Skittles (for daddy of course!). Once again, mean old mommy and daddy won't let him have sugar - oh poor deprived child!

His favorite place, however, was under the tent / tunnel where he could stand under a parachute and walk back and forth.

His friend, Lane, from MOMs Club play group was there too and he was dressed as a disco kid - SO CUTE! Love the afro Lane!!!