Thursday, March 19, 2009

Trip to the Arboretum

We took a family trip to the Dallas Arboretum during spring break. My sister came along and we also met up with some friends as well. The weather was perfect, about 80 degrees, and the flowers were gorgeous. Tuesdays are "Toddler Day" featuring a petting zoo, face painting, crafts and music. They also built storybook houses for the kids to play in which were all based off of different kid's stories.

Brooks had a great time running around and smelling all the flowers. We played in the frog fountain, pet all the animals at the petting zoo and somehow even found a place for 5 adults and 7 kids to sit and eat lunch at the cafe!

We tried to get a good family picture but that was a little tough with Brooks having already been an hour past his nap time :-) He was a little restless to say the least. We did get a couple of really cute ones of Brooks holding Colt - which he loved. It was really sweet watching him hold him and kiss the top of his head.

The girls decided that although we had fun with the kiddos, that next time we go would be moms, a picnic blanket, lunch and wine!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Playing at the Fountains

Mom and I took Brooks and Colt over to the water fountains by their house last week. The weather was beautiful and Brooks needed some time to play outside and burn some energy - he always needs to burn energy. Mom and I decided to get some frozen yogurt first and of course Brooks wanted some. He wouldn't eat ours as he wanted his own. Anyone who knows me well knows that my kids do not get sweets so I asked the lady to give me the smallest 'non-scoop' of their sugar-free yogurt so he could have his own - and he was very happy :-) Most of the yogurt made it to his head, shirt and the ground but I do think he got a little bit in his mouth.

After our yogurt we headed over to the flowers and water fountains for a little playtime. We enjoyed the wonderful warm weather and Brooks had fun smelling the flowers and sticking his hands into the water.

Fun at the Mall

Alex, nana, poppy and I decided to take Brooks and Colt to Grapevine Mills mall a couple of Sundays ago to burn off some energy. We didn't realize that the stores were closed until noon but it turned out to be OK. Brooks just ran around the mall like a crazy boy and rode on the little kiddie rides. Daddy took him to one of those coin things where you spin the coin and it goes around and around until it falls in the hole. Brooks was very intrigued by that toy.

What a Big Helper!

Ok, so Brooks loves to run around naked before bath time. He runs in circles from the nursery into the hallway and then through his room all while saying 'WHOA' as he enters the room we are in. He finds it just as humorous as we do! We still need to get this on video!

Anyway, my sister decided to stay the night last night and she fed Colt while I was fixing Brooks' bath (Daddy was working late). Brooks decided he would be a good helper and help his Aunt Heather feed baby Colt. It was so cute and sweet. Oh, and notice his VERY full and large belly! Yes, he just finished a very big dinner so he looked like a pregnant person or a small aborigine child.

Love My Alligator Pajamas

We have got to be better about taking pictures! It is so hard to remember to take pictures when you are chasing around a very busy and crazy 17 month old while feeding and/or holding a newborn. Life is wonderful but exhausting to say the least!!!

I just had to post these pictures of my big boy at breakfast in his cute alligator pajamas. He can't quite say 'alligator' but he sure tries! I could just eat him up!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mama & her boys

It was a nice chilly day outside but the sun was out. My mom was over and we took the boys outside to enjoy a little fresh air.

Asleep at lunch

About a month ago we finally got Brooks onto a one nap a day schedule. It took a while to get it regular but he seems to do OK with it. However, if you keep him up a little too long then lunchtime can be quite amusing. This has happened on multiple occasions now but these were too funny. The pictures are of him after his play group Valentine's Day party and the video is after a morning play date at the park.

Helping Grandpa

Brooks is into EVERYTHING, climbing onto EVERYTHING, and curious about EVERYTHING! He now climbs up the shelves in the pantry, on the outside of the crib, into his jogging stroller (but likes to stand on top of it and not sit in it!), on our bed and everything else. He decided it might be fun to climb up the ladder in the kitchen to help grandpa look at our kitchen lighting. Boy this kid is busy!!!

Laying with puppy

We took a picture of Brooks at 2 weeks laying in his Babystyle puppy. It was a good gauge as to how big he was at that time. We did the same thing with Colt but at 5 weeks. It is fun to see the size difference a couple of weeks makes; however, Brooks' head was pretty big, even at 2 weeks!!!

Brooks was a skinnier baby than Colt (although Colt is pretty lean) but we think Colt is going to be taller - who knows?!? Colt is growing out if his newborn onsies because he is so long and Brooks could wear his until he was a couple of months old.

Riding with Spidey

I just thought this was a cute picture of Brooks and Spiderman. He wanted to ride the little ride at Babies R Us. He has learned to say, "please" and who can say no to a cute little boy who says, "PLEASE" when he wants something?!?

What a GOOD big brother

Sometimes we lay Colt in Brooks' crib while we play with Brooks upstairs or get him ready for bed. Every time we put Colt in the crib, Brooks says, "Up!" because he wants to lay with him, give him kisses and play with his nose, ears, head etc. Brooks is such a wonderful big brother. I can't say that he is never rough with him, but most of the time he is an absolute sweetheart. You can tell he just loves and cares for him so much. It just warms my heart :-)

Sweet & Sleepy Baby Colt

I can't seem to find time to post on our blog as much as I used to - go figure! Life is good and very busy. I forgot what it was like to live day to day as a sleep deprived mommy :-)

Colt is actually doing very well during the night. I feed him around 10PM and he sleeps until about 2:30AM and then again around 6:30AM. We swaddle him up real tight and sleep him on an incline in his bed and he is happy. The days have been a bit rough though. This one, unlike Brooks, does not like to be put down much. He can stand the swing or bouncy for a VERY short time before he cries and wants to be held. However, we have recently realized that he loves to sleep on his tummy so all his naps are on his belly. He will sleep soundly for a couple of hours like that - YAY!