Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Daddy and Brooks playing on our bed - boy is Brooks ticklish!

Sweet Brothers

I just love how Brooks is so sweet to his little brother. He really loves him.

My Baby Boy

My baby boy...


Brooks really enjoys reading to Colt. This is him showing him the apples in one of his favorite books.

Boys in Diapers

Because of the horribly hot weather lately, we had both boys in just their diapers. Brooks was hanging out on the den chair and wanted Colt to come sit next to him. Gosh they are so freakin' cute (I know, I am biased!)


We have been spending every weekend at my mom and dad's pool. It is just too hot outside not to be in the pool! Brooks has become a little pool rat with no fear it seems. He is jumping off the side into my arms, swimming to the steps out of my arms and hangs on to the edge of the pool and scales the entire thing. He just loves to be in the water. Colt also loves being in the water and has a huge grin on his face the entire time.


Brooks likes to read those trashy gossip magazines just like mommy!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Cast Is Off!

YIPPEE! The cast came off yesterday and now Brooks' leg can breathe. It has been one month since Brooks broke his leg and we couldn't wait to get that darn thing off. We went to the doctor yesterday and Brooks did a great job when the nurse removed the cast. The saw was really loud but she showed it to him first so it wouldn't scare him. When she finally got the cast off and we saw his poor little leg, it was red, rubbed raw, rashed and even green in places from the sweat. It was itching him pretty badly and seemed to be quite uncomfortable. However, he straightened it right away and even took a couple of steps on it.

The doc said that his leg is healing wonderfully. He has lots of new bone growing, which will make his leg very strong; however, it is not completely healed (and won't be for about another month) so we have to be really careful - Yeh right! No parks, climbing, swinging etc. for the next month so this should be really easy and fun!

We slept him in footie pajamas last night so he would not scratch at it. He woke up this morning feeling great, and although the doc said it would be a couple of days before he would probably walk on it, he was walking today! Dr. Brown doesn't know our Brooks very well!!! He walks slowly with his foot turned out a little bit, but I give it a couple of more days (or less) before he is running again. What a little trooper!!!

First Taste of Food

Colt had his first bowl of oatmeal a few weeks ago and did not take to it quite as well as Brooks. The look on his face was too cute! It took a bit but now he likes it - YUM!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Beer Boy!

We spent Memorial Day at Bill and Kelly Love's house, our friends here in Coppell. The boys have a pool volleyball tourney every year and the gals hang out, watch the kids, eat and drink. Brooks decided he would be the beer boy this year (and even thought he could partake - it is NOT open!!!)...

Cousins Singing

Madison, Brooks and Colt singing 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider' with Grandma...

First Bowl of Cereal

So every morning Brooks and Alex sit together at the bar and eat Cheerios together; however, Brooks has learned how to use his spoon so well that he eats his own bowl of cereal every morning, with milk and all! This was his first time to eat it by himself. He can now hold the spoon very well and sturdy. What a big boy!!!

I Can Spell

We have been working with Brooks on letters over the past month or so. He doesn't know a lot of letters but he has the letters in his name down. We go over it every night before bed and he is getting better every day. He still has trouble with 'R' but that is coming (except in this video b/c it was taken a little while back).

Sweet Little Colt

Colt is 4 1/2 months old now and just the sweetest and cuddliest baby. He has a great temperament too! He giggles all the time now and boy does this kid have some lungs - WOW! And talkative - wonder where he gets that from?!?

Fun Places to Play

Here is a new fun place to play! Brooks likes to help me fold laundry by hopping into the dryer full of clothes and handing them to me to fold. It is really sweet and silly!

Big Brother Reading

Brooks enjoys 'reading' to Colt which Alex and I LOVE! The other day Brooks was in the glider in Colt's room and asked if I would put Colt next to him. It melts my heart :-)

Cool in Sunglasses

Brooks has always been a silly kid (he comes by it naturally) but he is getting to be such a ham as he gets older! He cracks us up everyday. For a couple of days he was really into his sunglasses, which he will NEVER wear for long periods of time or on command. But, he wanted to wear them while reading, eating and even playing with his Mr. Potato Head. Half of the time he puts them on upside down. What a goofball!