Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jumping on Nana's Bed

The boys are finally at an age where they are starting to really play together well. Brooks likes to tell Colt what to do and Colt enjoys following Brooks. It is sweet really. My mom and dad kept them a few weekends ago and she caught a little video of them playing on her bed and I thought it was pretty funny. Colt just does and says whatever Brooks does and says...


Ok, so Alex and I are huge fans of the show 'GLEE' and think the remakes of the music are WAY better than the originals (most of the time). And, our boys LOVE to dance - just like mommy and daddy. Brooks has this great dance where he hops from one foot to the other with his elbows out. It cracks us up.

So, is it bad that my kids' favorite songs are the Glee versions of Amy Weinhouse's 'Rehab' (Colt's fav) and Kanye West's 'Gold Digger?' (Brooks' fav) They ask for those two songs all the time - at home AND in the car! They know a lot of the words, Brooks especially to 'Gold Digger.' It is really hilarious. At least they also love the classic by Vanilla Ice, "Ice Ice Baby!"

Monday, July 5, 2010


Finally Colt is big enough to be pushed fast on our tire swing on the home swing set. The boys love to be pushed fast and then they like when I spin it while it is going around. It makes me sick to watch but they think it is the bomb! The faster it spins and turns the better.


I never thought I would be so excited to say this but, "NO MORE BINKY!!!!!" Brooks finally 'gave up' his binky. Actually, he kept getting out of his bed one night so I told him that I would take it away if he got out of bed one more time. And, I ended up taking it away. I thought it would be at least a week of awful screaming and crying at night but it was only one night of heartbreaking crying. He kicked at his door, banged on his door and cried for about 45 minutes that night. After that, he went to sleep and only asked for it twice the next day. SO EASY!

So, for his 'big boy giving up his binky' gift, we got him (and Colt) the coolest little John Deere tractor/car. He loves it and is so proud when he drives it. It only took about two days for him to become a great driver. He and Colt look so sweet tootling around the backyard on it.

Dallas Aquarium Trip

Some friends from my MOPS (Mother's of Preschoolers) group and I took our kiddos to the Dallas Aquarium to beat the summer heat. The last time I went was when Brooks was about 13 months old and I was VERY pregnant with Colt. Brooks enjoyed it then but he got so much more out of it this time. And, Colt thought it was pretty darn awesome as well. They both got to feed the Tucan, there were lots of ooo's and ahhh's when we saw the HUGE alligator and the large turtles and stingrays; however, I think their favorite part was the shark tank. We stood in a tunnel and the sharks swam all around and over us - pretty AWESOME!

Camel Ride

We are members of the Dallas Zoo and have spent quite a bit of time there because the boys LOVE it. Brooks and Alex even took part in the camel rides. Brooks thought it was way cool!

Jumping on the Bed

I just thought this was a funny video my mom took of the boys jumping on her bed. It is great to see the boys playing together and Brooks leading the pack - at least for now :-)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Running Buddy

My new running buddy in his great new running outfit (wish I could wear that)!

Ready for a Ride

Daddy taking Brooks and Colt out for a bike ride. The boys love going out in the bike trailer and this is one of my favorite pictures of them.

Love'm Boots

I just thought this was a great picture of Brooks before school one day. He picked out his own shoes - and of course he chose his "Woody" boots. Love'm boots!

City Councilman

Congratulations to my dad who is now a City Councilman in Highland Village! We went to witness the swearing in and now he is known as "Honorable John McGee" (HA! Pretty funny if you ask me!) YAY Dad!

The Bridge

I took the kids to feed the ducks at the park one day and they insisted that we spend 30-45 minutes running across a 'bridge' on a dock. They were actually very funny and had a ball following one another (usually Colt following Brooks). It was at least 98-100 degrees outside, but I sucked it up for the kiddos. Thank goodness they ran out of water and we had to head back to the car!

End of the Year School Show

Brooks had his 'End of the Year' school show and it was absolutely adorable. He danced like a champ; however, his hat was WAY too big for his head and it kept falling over his eyes! It was pretty hilarious!