Sunday, February 20, 2011

Well Dressed

Both boys like to pick out their own clothes now. I just thought this was a great picture of Colt with one of my favorite outfits that he has picked out. Well, he just picked out the jacket and jeans and I matched the shirt, socks and shoes. What a cutie pie!

Fort Worth Children's Museum

Nana and I took the boys to the Fort Worth Children's Museum and the boys had a great time. They got to dress up as doctors, play with babies, get measured by a talking giraffe, play with trains, see snakes and spiders, check out dinosaur skeletons and slide down slides. Their favorite part was digging for dinosaur bones in the sand and water. They like nothing more than to get dirty!


Colt is into jackets with pockets right now. He loves to put his hands in his pockets while he is walking. We were leaving their school and walking through the parking lot when Colt tripped over Brooks' backpack wheel and fell. Unfortunately, his hands were in his pockets and he had nothing to break his fall but his poor little face. The kid is tough as nails, bled profusely and scared mommy but only cried for about 5 minutes. I took him to the doctor just to make sure he didn't need stitches and we were at the play area/park immediately after the doctor. Tough kid.

Lincoln Logs

Brooks and mommy building lincoln log houses during the ice storm days!

Finally Snow!

We had an entire week this year where the road were completely iced over and school was canceled. It was crazy! However, we finally got one day with great snow so the kids and dogs could actually get outside and play. We made snowballs, snow angels, the dogs went crazy, we had a snowball fight and then went sledding with the neighbors on a wake board down a hill in front of our house. The kids and adults all had a blast! And of course we topped it off with hot chocolate - YUMMY!