Friday, April 30, 2010


I just thought these were sweet pictures of the boys reading books outside. Brooks reads LOTS of books now (of course they are memorized) and he likes to read them to Colt. I had to laugh at the video below of Colt trying to take the book from Brooks. We "disciplined" both kids but it was pretty funny!

It was such a beautiful night, so we ate dinner outside, which we do a lot these days.

Duck Feeding

The weather has been so amazing lately so we have been taking lots of trips to the park to feed the ducks. The boys love to hang out at the park and ponds. Brooks and his BFF, Lane, bring their bikes / scooters and Colt chases after the birds. Daddy even had a day off to come with us which is always a fun treat for the boys.

Crazy Hair

Brooks had a crazy hair day at school and mommy forgot about it. Fortunately, the teachers had plenty of red spray paint for his hair so now he looks like daddy!


I was wondering when Brooks would try on all of my costume jewelry! This is the one and only time so far and I thought it was pretty cute.

Learning Tower

So I invested in the awesome Learning Tower for our kitchen. Brooks likes to help me cook and Colt is starting to get to that place. The step stool we currently use is too small for both kids and the boys are too crazy on it. This stool ROCKS, it is safe and keeps them both in place and away from the things I don't want them touching. The height adjusts lower as they get bigger. I also bought the easel that hooks onto the side so they have something to keep them busy if one wants to cook and the other just wants to play. It has a chalkboard on one side and dry erase on the other.

They love it so much that they wanted to eat standing up the first day I got it - the things kids find to be fun :-)

Muddy Boys!!!

Ah yes, boys and the mud. It's like they can't get dirty enough just playing outside so they have to find the mud pit in our backyard to play in. They jumped and rolled around in it for at least an hour before I stripped them down naked and wrapped them up in towels to get warm and clean up. Notice no shoes - it was pretty darn chilly out. At least they had a great time!

Tire Swing

The Kaisers moved up to Flower Mound over Christmas of last year and their house has an awesome backyard. Alex's brother, Bret, put up a tire swing on one of the very large trees out back and Brooks absolutely LOVES it!