Sunday, September 27, 2009


Brooks' new thing is looking at the snails out in our front flower beds. He would stay out there all day long if the snails were out and about for him to watch. He talks to them and says, "hi snail" and "bye snail." It is really cute. His cousin Madison came over last week and they spent a good 45 minutes to an hour outside in the rain looking at snails and splashing around in the puddles. It was fun to watch them run around and they had a great time.

First Days of School

This post is long overdue but better late than never right?!? Brooks started school on September 8th at The Spanish Schoolhouse. He looks so adorable in his little uniform - what a big boy.

Let's just say that the first day (and the weeks to follow) haven't been great as far as the dropping off is concerned. He holds on to Alex for dear life and cries his little eyes out every time we take him to school; however, every day gets better during school and he ends up getting involved and having a good time. He still cries a little bit when I pick him up but I think that is from being excited to see me and his little brother, Colt. He cries for a minute and then smiles and gives me and Colt kisses. I just know he will end up loving this place because the teachers are amazing and it is a fun and exciting program!

Labor Day

Yes, I am WAY behind in my blog posts. Life is so hectic these days that I just have to stay up late one night and work on MANY posts at a time.

We had a great Labor Day and my mom and dad's house. We had some friends over for dinner and swimming. We all had a great time and it was fun getting all the kids together to play.

Monday, September 7, 2009

All Smiles

Our big, smiley boy...

Meet the Teacher

Brooks starts school tomorrow! I can't believe he will be going to preschool - what a big boy! We had 'meet the teacher' last Friday and he did really well. He was hesitant at first but after about 2 minutes his made his way to the toys. Colt even immersed himself in the preschool fun :-)

Brooks will be attending a Spanish immersion school called, The Spanish Schoolhouse ( All the teachers are from Spanish-speaking countries. His teacher's are from Peru, Mexico and Guatemala. Classes are taught in English and Spanish, with Spanish being the main language. Not only will he learn the language, he will learn all about the culture as well.

His first year there will be much like learning English where he will build a base of vocabulary and understand the spoken word. He will understand 80% - 100% of the language by the end of the first year.

The second year is full of repeating, adding vocabulary and beginning to use the language naturally. He will be able to participate in class lessons and respond verbally to his teacher.

By the third year he will think and communicate his thoughts in Spanish! He will be able to carry on a full conversation with a perfect Spanish accent - SO CUTE!

We are really excited about this program and we feel that Brooks will get so much out of this type of education. This will take him all the way until kindergarden.

Colt Can Float

Colt has been in ISR (infant swim resource - survival swim classes) for a little over 3 weeks now. He has learned how to float - YAY! He still has a ways to go because he has a hard time keeping his chin up so he swallows water. That will get better in time. He still has to learn how to roll onto his back from his belly. He is doing great though!

Great Day for the Park

We have had a couple of really nice days the past two weeks - temps in the mid 80's. We felt it was time to enjoy some nice weather and spend a little time with friends at the park. The boys had a blast and we got a couple of really nice naps out of it - YAY!

Fun With the Hose

Brooks has discovered the hose and thinks that spraying his mommy and daddy is quite hilarious. This is how we stay cool in the afternoons!