Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Colt's First Baseball Season

Well, Coltie finished his first baseball season and it was pretty amusing. Alex coached the team which was fun. Colt was the youngest on the team by 6 months and there was only one other kid on the team within a year of his age. Most of the kids were 5 years old so Colt looked like quite the little one out there. He played a version of t-ball/baseball called BlastBall. Each kid has a turn to hit the ball off a tee during each of four innings and they run one base at a time. The last kid to hit each inning will run a "home run" so all the players come in. We have learned that Colt can smack the ball pretty hard, but when it comes to fielding and/or practicing, he likes to play in the dirt, play with his friends and hang around looking cute. All he wants to do is hit. He enjoyed it most importantly and wants to play again in the fall. He made some nice friends, a few of which we hang out with regularly. I'm not sure if daddy will coach again though ;)

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